Our Story

Lane Community College (LCC) in Eugene, Oregon has two degree programs in the video game field: Computer Simulation & Game Development, which focuses on the programming aspects of game development; and that degree’s Art Option (on page 2), new for the 2018-2019 academic year. In 2017, LCC animation professor Coral Breding noticed a lack of opportunities for video game majors at Lane. Internships, which are degree requirements, were increasingly scarce. Despite Eugene being an up-and-coming tech hub in the Pacific Northwest, local video game companies simply were not able to meet the demand of internship opportunities for game development students. Breding determined that making a video game company to fill this gap would be the best solution.

Enter NuRealms.

Right now, the virtual reality marketplace has just enough traction to be viable, but not enough contenders to make it diluted. The major goal of the company is to explore the new world of virtual reality (VR), and expand on what we know is possible in this space. All projections state it is a fast-rising multi-billion dollar global industry, especially after the Oculus Rift's appearance in 2013. VR headsets are becoming more affordable, as well as the computer and console hardware to support them. There are many applications for VR aside from pure entertainment in non-profit, private, and government sectors: education, medicine, history, art, job training, and many more. NuRealms aims to catch this wave and ride it.