Another Term, Another Season

Hello friends!

Well, Time sure flies! That’s what I named my pet fly: Time.

Anyhoo, we have officially finished our spring season, along with help from some very talented programmers and a graphic design artist as interns- some of whom are now graduates! We are so proud of our former interns.

So, we did have a big setback during Spring. We were lacking some functionality because we were on Unity 2018.1 with the basic 3D setup, so we decided to update to Unity 2018.3 with the Lightweight Render Pipeline (which is recommended for VR games). Well, this broke a lot of stuff. A lot. It also revealed to us even more where the industry is in terms of support for basic functionality. Oculus Integration with Unity using a fairly recent version was not as stable as a 3rd party application, in regards to the VR camera, rig, and teleportation functionality. This was somewhat of a shock to us, but we figured out a solution and carried on.

Finally, our programmers recommended we just create a first person controller so we can continue testing and development of things like AI instead of focusing on getting the VR rig to work. Entering summer with this in mind, we have been able to make some more actual progress on the game itself.

This also being said, we understand the deadline for Indie Game Con is drawing ever nearer (November). We are doing our best to make it, but we are prepared to not present and just wait for next year.

“But Andy,” you ask, ”you’ve been in development on this thing for a couple years now. Don’t think it’s time to reveal it?”
To that, I respond, “Dear friend, you would think so. However, we refuse to reveal something that’s not fully fleshed out, even if it is just a demo. It’s better to wait and make it count than to reveal too early and lose all chance of success, because you only get one shot, one opportunity… to seize everything you ever wanted… one moment… Would you capture it, or just let it slip?”

Signing off,
Sweaty Palms

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