Indie Game Con 2018

Ah, it’s that time of the year again- Indie Game Con (IGC)!

IGC is an event local to Eugene where game developers and enthusiasts can explore what’s going on in the independent game world!

Our project manager, Andy, was fortunate enough to represent Lane Community College (LCC) and promote the Computer Simulation & Game Development degrees- it’s where most people on the team got their start. Coral Breding, our Art Director and LCC professor, also helped Andy give information about the degrees. During their time there, a student at LCC’s newspaper The Torch interviewed Andy and another student close to our team, Genevieve Mullins.

This was a fun event for NuRealms, and we are looking forward to IGC 2019 because we’ll publicly release our demo (more on that later)!

Note: We are mentioned on the cover page and page 4.

Thanks for checking it out!

Andy Darnall