Decisions & Directions

Here we are again!

For the past almost 2 years of development, we have reveled in the liberty that creating our own business affords us: we make our own deadlines.

The pro is that we don’t have corporate breathing down our necks. The con is that there is a type of motivation that is indeed lacking. Some stress is good stress.

Luckily, our project manager and owner Andy has taken on helping organize an upcoming event in Eugene, OR: Indie Game Con. This is where local independent game developers showcase their games to the public, and attend workshops for industry professionals, among other things.

We decided to debut a demo at Indie Game Con this November. This has given us a much-needed kick in the pants to finish the game ASAP.

We are fortunate to still have a quality group of volunteers to speed us along, with additional support from upcoming interns.

Looking forward to the future!